Pictures in my head

All my life I have had pictures in my head. They appear, unbidden, at the strangest times and places. I will be mid-conversation when I see a face, or a pattern, or a building, or just a beautifully coloured texture. I see them in detail, in colour, with gorgeous subtle lighting. These are not hallucinations (I have had those too), they are just pictures in my mind. I have this urge to reproduce these pictures, to materialise them. Now, finally, I have decided to devote some time to doing that.

So this blog is going to be the story of these pictures and the process of bringing them into existence. Not that I am a total beginner. I have been drawing and painting for years, taken lessons, had a few pieces in a joint exhibition, even sold my work online. But this time it’s different. This time I am working in earnest, in pursuit of mastery.

I am currently working in acrylics on canvas and sometimes on acrylic paper. Much of my work at the moment is an exploration of colour, for which acrylics are perfect. For drawing, I favour coloured pencils. My obsession with colour comes from my synaesthesia. I feel in colour, so that different textures brushing my skin have colour, sounds have colour, even smells come in colour. So partly, this is about exploring this constant presence of colour.

I have worked earnestly, all my life, to make the world a better place. I trained as a mathematician, worked in the information technology field designing and developing information systems, and I have taught for years at universities. I have a passable record of producing academic research, but none of this seems, in retrospect, to be satisfying.

So now, I am going to make the world a colourful place.



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