Mandala No.1: Peace

Peace Mandala 2
Mandala No.1: Peace by Judy Backhouse (copyright)

The Peace mandala tries to create a safe space in which I can feel enclosed, but not clastrophobic. To do this I changed the shape of the traditional square to give the sense of being able to see into other rooms, the expanded “doors”. This area is a calming blue edged with gold. My safe space is surrounded by a reassuring deep green beyond which a textured blue space provides a safe moat. Adding an uplifting note, little purple flowers edge this space.

Peace detail 1

In the middle of the mandala is a place of meditation, surrounded by a swirl of pinky-blues. Here I am, perfectly at peace.

Peace detail 2

The Peace mandala is painted in acrylics on an ordinary stretched 50cm x 50cm canvas. Although I have painted around the edge of the canvas, it would probably be best displayed in a light-wood or gold floating frame.

Peace detail 3

In case you are wondering about the numbering, I started working on Peace before Happy, but finished it after the simpler Happy. So Peace is No. 1 and Happy is No. 2.

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