Mandala No.3: Impact

Impact Mandala
Mandala No.3: Impact by Judy Backhouse (copyright)

Mandala No.3: Impact is a departure from the more formal structure and detailed rendering of Peace and Happy. This mandala emerged without any planning. I had this canvas sitting around that I had painted in this rich red and then left for a few months. I started out playing with the green and gold diamonds that seemed to complement the red so well. Then it just grew from there.

The idea of Impact emerged with the picture. The angularity of the shapes and the outward movement that continues into splashes of colour around the central star suggested to me the aftermath of a meteor hitting the earth. The rich and bright colours, create an exciting visual impact.


Impact was painted entirely with a palette knife, layering the paint on fairly thickly as can be seen in these detailed images. I worked quickly and enjoyed the freedom of the looser style. Painting this was fun! ImpactDetail2Small

Impact is painted on a 50cm x 50cm gallery wrapped canvas and the red background continues around the edge of the canvas. It is finished with a high gloss acrylic varnish.

Impact wrapping


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